Today, as the Gospel of the Good Shepherd is proclaimed, Jesus reminds the Church that the voice we need to hear, above all the other voices in society – is the voice of the “Good Shepherd”. Jesus tells us today: “I am the Good Shepherd who lays down My lifeRead More →

Today the Gospel of Luke brings us back to the upper room on Easter Sunday night where Jesus suddenly appears to the Apostles and to the two Disciples who saw Him on the road to Emmaus. The Apostles, like the two Disciples on the road to Emmaus had been experiencingRead More →

The reading from the Acts of the Apostles today describes a peaceful, idyllic community of believers who were of “one heart and one mind”. Life in the early Church was characterized by a close community life so that belief in Jesus and membership in the Church was possible only inRead More →

Today the Catholic Church throughout the world celebrates “Latare Sunday” (which means) “Rejoice Sunday”. The opening prayer of today’s Mass speaks of this joy. The readings chosen for today’s Mass have a common thread of “God’s love and our ingratitude”. The first reading describes the destruction of Jerusalem in 587BCRead More →

Today in the Gospel, Jesus was approached by a leper who firmly believed that Jesus would heal him. The leper had been isolated andrejected and despised by society. He had been declared “unclean” by a priest. He was forced to live apart from the rest of the community in horribleRead More →

As the Gospel opens today, Jesus had only three days before His death. He was speaking one or two days after His triumphal entrance into the Holy City of Jerusalem on Psalm Sunday. A large crowd of people – estimated to be at least twenty – five thousand – JewsRead More →

In the three years of the Public Ministry of Jesus, He spent many hours on the hot, dusty roads of Palestine – moving from one village to another – so that He could teach the people, heal the sick, and bless the children.  Jesus was on a mission sent byRead More →