Where we sit is important to us. In church, we usually want to sit in the same place; we feel comfortable there. At a concert, or a play, or some game, we like tickets in the “best seats in the house”. At Papal audiences in Rome, pilgrims always try toRead More →

One of the greatest tragedies of the last few decades has been a lack of commitment to the vocations of priesthood and marriage. The scandals in the priesthood and the increase in the divorce rate indicate the sad statistics and the terrible consequences of self – centeredness in the WesternRead More →

Cardinal Ratzinger made a statement a number of years ago concerning the Catholic Church’s relationship with other Christian churches. What he said was, “The Catholic Church is not a “sisters church” to all other churches, rather the Catholic Church is the “Mother Church” because, from Her, all other churches emerged.”Read More →

Making decisions is part of living! There are all kinds of decisions that we must make every day and all kinds of options in making those decisions. There are decisions that are quick and easy. Should I put the blue shirt on or the red one? Should I have steakRead More →

Psychiatrists tell us that depression is felt by large numbers of people in every category of age, sex, income, and education. Depression is the result of a personal tragedy such as illness, death, loss of our source of income, or some traumatic change in our life like divorce or aRead More →

Our Gospel today introduces us to Jesus’ discourse on the Holy Eucharist – the central mystery of our Catholic faith. The last few Sundays, we have seen the momentum of Jesus’ public ministry and the reaction of the Jewish people. The gospels of the past few weeks have recounted scenesRead More →

The readings of Today’s Liturgy are filled with images of shepherds and sheep. In biblical times, the word “shepherd” could connote two different notions of shepherds. The first is a man who has care of herds of sheep leading them to food and water; the second was a man whoRead More →

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time There are some very unpopular people in the world; people like dog-catchers, the cop who catches us going 50 m.p.h. in a 35 – mile zone, the parent who says “NO”, the boss who gives his secretary six letters to type at 4:00 PM onRead More →