Today we celebrate a journey, the journey of three ancient astrologers. Three kings set out on a long journey to an unknown land in search of a child. As we remember these mysterious men paying their homage to the infant of Bethlehem, our thoughts go back not so much toRead More →

The original hearers of today’s Gospel parable were probably puzzled and shocked when they heard it. Why should a tax – collector be justified and the Pharisee not? The Pharisee was a member of one of the most respected groups in Jewish society at that time. He did everything heRead More →

October 23, 2022  Let’s face it.  We all brag at times.  And we all act humble at other times.  The context can make each inappropriate.  The prayer of the self-focused is unheard of because it is simply self-talk.  But, even the selfish can have a glimmer of hope, when hisRead More →

Throughout the Gospel, Jesus spoke of the suffering, which was to come to Him because of His mission from the Father: “to give His life as a ransom for many”. He also invited His disciples to follow Him, and He reminded them that following Him meant the journey to theRead More →

In the chapters of St. Luke’s Gospel leading up to the events of today’s Gospel, Jesus gave his disciples a lot to live up to. He told them that if they were going to be his followers, they would have to practice humility. They would have to accept Him unconditionallyRead More →

A southern farmer was called by God to speak a prophetic message to the crooked merchants of Israel who “trample on the needy and destroy the poor of the land”. We heard that message last Weekend. Today Amos is back, blasting the insensitive affluent people of Israel. He stood onRead More →

Archbishop Oscar Romero was murdered in El Salvador by the Sandinista government because he spoke out against the abuses of the poor by government soldiers. Three bishops – Bishop Romjah, Bishop Goiditch and Bishop Hopko were murdered by a decree of Russian President Niketa Kruchiev because they refused to denyRead More →

CYCLE C In the pledge of allegiance to the flag of our nation, we claim to be “a nation under God”; yet it would seem that the light of Christ has not been kept burning brightly by the majority of the people and leaders of our nation. The sorry factRead More →

Minutes of Basilica of St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Women’s Club Meeting August 4, 2022 The meeting was called to order by Vice President, Laura Riley, followed by an opening prayer and the pledge of allegiance. Secretary, Penny Rose, was absent so no report was available. No written treasurer’sRead More →