In the three years of the Public Ministry of Jesus, He spent many hours on the hot, dusty roads of Palestine – moving from one village to another – so that He could teach the people, heal the sick, and bless the children.  Jesus was on a mission sent byRead More →

In the Gospel today, Saint John reports the seventh and final miracle which Jesus worked on his way to Jerusalem and the Cross. This was the miracle which infuriated the priests and the leaders: the miracle, which led to his arrest, trial, and crucifixion. On the Tuesday before Palm Sunday,Read More →

On His journey to Jerusalem – the journey to the Cross, Jesus came upon a blind beggar boy. Jesus anointed his eyes with mud and told him to go and wash his eyes in the pool of Siloam. The young man did as he was told and returned from theRead More →

Many people today have a rather low opinion of themselves. They look upon others as talented and gifted; they admire others for their accomplishments; they are able to sing the praises of others, but when it comes to themselves, they don’t expect much. Isaiah, Peter, and Paul were like thatRead More →

Today we celebrate a journey, the journey of three ancient astrologers. Three kings set out on a long journey to an unknown land in search of a child. As we remember these mysterious men paying their homage to the infant of Bethlehem, our thoughts go back not so much toRead More →

The original hearers of today’s Gospel parable were probably puzzled and shocked when they heard it. Why should a tax – collector be justified and the Pharisee not? The Pharisee was a member of one of the most respected groups in Jewish society at that time. He did everything heRead More →

October 23, 2022  Let’s face it.  We all brag at times.  And we all act humble at other times.  The context can make each inappropriate.  The prayer of the self-focused is unheard of because it is simply self-talk.  But, even the selfish can have a glimmer of hope, when hisRead More →

Throughout the Gospel, Jesus spoke of the suffering, which was to come to Him because of His mission from the Father: “to give His life as a ransom for many”. He also invited His disciples to follow Him, and He reminded them that following Him meant the journey to theRead More →

In the chapters of St. Luke’s Gospel leading up to the events of today’s Gospel, Jesus gave his disciples a lot to live up to. He told them that if they were going to be his followers, they would have to practice humility. They would have to accept Him unconditionallyRead More →