Today, a phrase in the first reading stands out and connects with last week’s readings about the Good Shepherd:  “It is necessary for us to undergo many hardships to enter the Kingdom of God.” The Good Shepherd is one who suffers. He is willing to lay down His life forRead More →

FOURTH SUNDAY OF LENT – CYCLE C Today the Church throughout the world celebrates “Latare Sunday” (which means) “Rejoice Sunday”. The opening Prayer of today’s Mass speaks of this joy. The readings chosen for today’s Mass have a common thread. We should be filled with joy because of the loveRead More →

On Wednesday of this week, we will enter the Holy Penitential Season of Lent. This season of Lent recalls the forty years spent by the Israelite people in the desert while Moses led the way to the Promised Land. During that time, the Israelite people experienced what it meant toRead More →

Many people today have a rather low opinion of themselves. They look upon others as talented and gifted; they admire others for their accomplishments. They are able to sing the praises of others, but when it comes to themselves, they don’t expect much. I don’t know about you, but IRead More →

Can you imagine how the prisoners of the Concentration Camps felt when the allied forces liberated them, and their freedom and dignity were given back to them? Our first reading today is a description of refugees who had been deported to Babylon (present-day Iraq), returning to Jerusalem 500 years beforeRead More →

Today’s Feast brings us to the conclusion of the Christmas cycle. We move from the crib in Bethlehem to the beginning of Jesus Public Ministry. Jesus was walking along the shores of the Jordan River. He was looking for His cousin John the Baptizer. John was the one crying outRead More →

Today we celebrate a journey – the journey of three Persian astrologers – three kings – who set out on a long journey to an unknown land in search of a Child. As we remember these mysterious men paying their homage to the Infant of Bethlehem, our thoughts go backRead More →

Another Christmas has come and gone, and a New Year has arrived. There’s something about new beginnings that can fill us with enthusiasm and hope. And an end to the virus. A New Year is a time of opportunity to build on past mistakes and make a new start –Read More →

It’s Christmas once again; and the song of the angels resound as fresh and bright as if it were yesterday: “Glory to God in the highest, on earth peace to men of goodwill!”   These words, chanted by the angels on the first Christmas night, never cease to offer us Hope,Read More →

As the world tries to catch the “CHRISTMAS SPIRIT”, malls are decorated and filled with Christmas shoppers. Christmas cards are in the process of being prepared, sent, and received. Christmas packages are being wrapped to be placed under the tree; children are getting more excited. We are hearing Christmas carolsRead More →