• The meeting was called to order by President Debbie Lazorik
  • Secretary’s report for February was approved
  • Treasurer’s report by Barb Ritchie
  • A $500 check was written to PMI for the kitchen floor cleaning
  • Sunshine Report
  • Reminder that Carol can be contacted directly if anyone wishes to send a card – her e-mail address is:  carolmantill@gmail.com.
  • Carol will send out thank you notes also
  • Book club – the next meeting will be Tuesday, March 19.  The meeting was moved due to the Penance Service on the 20th. The book for March is ‘I Heard God Laugh’ by Matthew Kelly
  • Outreach committee
  • We wil hold a paper products drive in the next few months
  • A quilt raffle for the Roof Replacement Project will be promoted on FaceBook
  • Both projects have been approved by Father Mike
  • Funeral lunches – there will be two funeral lunches served this week – both are covered
  • Fund raiser with the Knights of Columbus April 21
  • Theresa met with some of the knights 8
  • The meat has been donated
  • A bouncy house has been donated by The Betsy Mills Club
  • St. Mary students will organize the kids activities
  • Dr. Tamara Montgomery is donating a hog for the raffle – 2 winners will each receive 1/2 of the hog
  • 2 high end bourbons have been donated
  • Theresa will set up 3-day shift schedules
  • The goal is to see 500 presale tickets
  • The next meeting for the fund raiser will be March 12 at the school
  • Theresa suggested having a craft project for the first few minutes of each meeting to encourage socializing
  • Lora Offenberger has set up the domain, StMaryCWA.com for our group
  • The E-mail lists in Constant Contact will contain 3 lists: a general list for all women who request to be included; a funeral lunch list and a book club list
  • Possibly can include a sign up list for activities – it will be in Sign Up Genius
  • other means of communication include Face Book and texting.  There was a reminder that when responding to communications to reply to only the sender and not to all.
  • Barb Ritchie noted that we needed to vote on the request for $100 for the Easter Egg hunt – Penny made a motion, Sherry seconded it.  It passed.
  • Reservations for the Day of Spirituality were extended to March 11. The deadline had been reported mistakenly as March 4.
  • Theresa requested that any extra desserts from the funeral dinners be given to the Fish Fry.

The meeting was adjourned.  Next meeting will be April 3.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Funk
Basilica of St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Women’s Club