Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) will begin sessions on Monday, Sept. 13 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm in the social hall. These sessions are to help adults/teens who are wanting to learn more about the Catholic Faith and potentially join the Catholic Church. They are informative, informal gatherings of people to learn about the traditions of the Catholic Church. Please share this with someone you might know who is interested in our faith. Invite them to come to hear about it. There is no pressure, just discussions, and talks about what we as Catholics practice and believe. It is a great way to learn the truth and dispel the misunderstandings of our faith and practices. Please call the rectory at 740-373-3643 if you have questions about the process.

RCIA sponsors: There is a need for Catholics, members of our church, who would like to attend RCIA and help to sponsor a person going through this journey of faith. If you are interested, please come to the sessions starting Sept. 13 or contact Cathy Rauch at 740-896-2901.

RCIA is the process by which adults and teenagers become members of the Catholic Church. RCIA is for people of all walks of life:  people raised in other faiths; people who were baptized Catholic but were not raised Catholic; people with no religious background at all. The RCIA is designed to meet you where you are, and to walk with you on your journey of faith.

RCIA is a journey of faith.  It is a time to learn about God, and your relationship with God.  It is a time to learn about the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church, and to meet supportive and loving members of St. Mary Parish.  It is a time for personal growth and deepening of faith.

RCIA meetings take place every Monday night from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, from September through May.

Should you decide to join the Catholic Church, you will be brought into full membership during the celebration of the Easter Vigil, which takes place the evening before Easter Sunday.  The Easter Vigil is an amazing celebration of the Catholic faith; no one comes away from it without being touched by God’s grace.  At the Vigil you will receive the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism*, Confirmation*, and Holy Communion), making you a full member of the Catholic Church.

(*The Catholic Church does not repeat these sacraments if they are performed according to the form recognized by the Catholic Church.)


Am I there alone?
Never – you will have a sponsor, usually a spouse, family member or friend.  But, the parish has many volunteers who will sponsor you, and will be at your side each week and at every ceremony.

May I simply attend to learn about the Catholic faith, or do I have to commit to becoming Catholic? Certainly, you may simply attend and learn.  There is no pressure to make a decision until the evening of the Easter Vigil.  You will know when the decision is right for you.

Isn’t September to Easter a long time? RCIA participants are always amazed how fast the time goes.  You will be part of a very close group.  Many life-long friendships are formed in RCIA.

What actually goes on during our Monday night meetings? After a brief prayer, a RCIA team member will present a topic of our faith.  This is followed by refreshments provided by parish members.  The second part of the evening usually includes discussion and time for questions and answers.  We always end with a prayer.

How can I get more information or sign up? Contact Cathy Rauch, the Director of our RCIA Program, at 896-2901.


Audio Files: Recent RCIA presentations are archived for participants who missed the sessions, and for anyone else interested.
(Be patient! Audio files can be large; it may take several minutes.)

September 13, 2021Introduction to RCIA by Cathy Rauch
September 20, 2021Prayer by Janet Schilling
September 27, 2021Tour of the Basilica
October 4, 2021The Old Testament by Matt Lupardus
October 11, 2021The Person of Jesus by Fr. Jeremiah
October 18, 2021The New Testament by Matt Lupardus (Audio Recording)
Presentation Slides (PDF)
October 25, 2021Introduction to Scripture and Tradition by Fr. Mike
November 1, 2021Trinity & Faith by Fr. Mike
November 8, 2021The Mass – Liturgy of the Word and Liturgy
of the Eucharist by Fr. Mike & Cathy Rauch
November 14, 2021Rite of Acceptance (Sunday 10:00 am Mass)
November 15, 2021History and Development of the Church by Fr. Mike
November 22, 2021Advent and the Life of Grace by Matt Lupardus (2019 Recording)
November 29, 2021Mary and the Saints by Janet Schilling
December 6, 2021Introduction to the Sacraments; the Sacrament of Baptism by Cecelia Cottrill
December 13, 2021Potluck and Prayer @ 6 pm – Bringing Christ into Christmas
December 20, 2021No Class
December 27, 2021No Class
January 3, 2022Confirmation & Prayer II by Matt Lupardus
January 10, 2022Vocations (Part 1): Priesthood, Diaconate, and Marriage by Fr. Mike, Deacon Lee, Ken & Janet Schilling
January 17, 2022Vocations (Part 2): Non-Sacramental Vocations and States of Life – Single & Religious Life by Cecelia Cottrill
January 31, 2022The Sacrament of Healing by Fr. Mike
February 7, 2022Christian Living/Morality (Part 1) by Fr. Mark
Audio Recordings:
Morality Part 1 (1st Hour)
Morality Part 1 (2nd Hour)
February 14, 2022Christian Living/Morality (Part 2) by RCIA Team
February 21, 2022The Sacrament of the Eucharist (Part 1) by Fr. Mike
February 28, 2022The Eucharist (Part 2) & The Season of Lent by Cathy Rauch & Janet Schilling
March 2, 2022Ash Wednesday
March 7, 2022Sacrament of Reconciliation by Cathy Rauch
March 12, 2022Rite of Sending (Saturday 5:30 pm Mass)
March 13, 2022Rite of Election (Sunday 1:30 pm at Basilica)
March 14, 2022Penance Service
March 20, 2022First Scrutiny (Sunday 8:00 am Mass)
March 21, 2022Angels and Demons by Fr. Tom
March 27, 2022Second Scrutiny (Sunday 10:00 am Mass)
March 28, 2022Death, Judgement, Heaven & Hell by Fr. Mike
April 3, 2022Third Scrutiny (Sunday 12:00 pm Mass)
April 4, 2022Easter Season & Practices by Cecelia Cottrill
April 11, 2022The Passion Movie @ 6 pm
April 16, 2022Easter Vigil – Practice at 8:00 am & Evening Vigil TBA
April 17, 2022Easter
April 18, 2022No Class
April 25, 2022New Life in the Fullness of Christ by Fr. Josh & Matt Lupardus
May 2, 2022Potluck & Final Gathering @ 6 pm