In a meeting that took place in a cemetery on the Friday before Palm Sunday, Martha (the sister of Lazarus) said to Jesus: “Lord, if you would have been here, my brother would never have died.” “Your brother will rise again”, Jesus said to her. “ “I know that heRead More →

During the persecution of Christians by the Emperor Licinius at the beginning of the Fourth century, a group of forty soldiers refused to take part in idolatrous pagan worship. They declared that they were Christian soldiers and that they were ready to die for their Faith. When they refused toRead More →

In the chapters of St. Luke’s Gospel leading up to the events of today’s Gospel, Jesus gave his disciples a lot to live up to. He told them that if they were going to be His followers, they would have to practice humility. They would have to accept Him unconditionallyRead More →

When we were children we had to learn a certain number of table manners: don’t put your elbows on the table, don’t slurp your milk, eat your vegetables, don’t try to talk with your mouth full, use your fork and not your fingers, don’t play with your food, sit upRead More →

Archbishop Oscar Romero was murdered in El Salvador by the Sandinista government because he spoke out against the abuses of the poor by government soldiers. Three bishops – Bishop Romjah, Bishop Goiditch, and Bishop Hopko were murdered by a decree of Russian President Niketa Kruchiev because they refused to denyRead More →

We of the twenty-first century are the most advanced people that the world has ever known. We can put men and women in space shuttles orbiting the earth and build space stations; We can put men on the moon. We can communicate instantly with people all over the world. WeRead More →

On any Sunday morning, you can flip the switch on your TV set or radio and you can find a sermon coming at you. Often the sermon topic will be about how God punishes and destroys sinners. Part of the reflection will be about how our nation is in dangerRead More →

The Gospel which the Church proposes to us on this Feast of the Most Holy Trinity describes an appearance of the Lord after His Resurrection. The Lord had given a precise order to His disciples: They are to meet at a specific mountain at a specific time. The Gospel tellsRead More →

In the Gospel today, Jesus tells us: “Peace is My gift to you”. We live in a world that is desperate for peace. Given the state of the world we live in, it would seem that not many have received the gift. There is no peace in Iraq where soldiersRead More →

If you were to visit the city of Rome, one of the special places you would probably visit is the catacombs – those underground rooms and corridors cut out of the rock where the early Christians buried their dead. The catacombs are fascinating. Not only because they are the finalRead More →