Basilica of St. Mary Assumption Catholic Women’s Club
Minutes of September 1, 2021 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by president, Jennifer Tinkler.

Secretary’s report given by Penny Rose with no corrections.

Treasurer’s report given by Melanie Fouss. Current balance is $5069.82. Expense total from 8/5-9/1 was $146.16 (for funeral dinners).

Sunshine report given by Jennifer Tinkler in Carol Antill’s absence. Sympathy cards and cards for shut-ins/SNF residents still being sent.

  • Book Club:
    • August book was “In Praise of Bees”
    • September book is “A Redeeming Love”
    • Next meeting is on 9/29
  • Outreach Ministry:
    • Soles 4 Souls collection is finished; 525 pairs of shoes were collected
    • Box of Joy begins soon; the Basilica committed to 550 boxes; meeting planned for 9/23 at 6:00 to make the first 150-200 boxes
    • Next year’s project will be to fundraise money for water wells through Cross Catholic Outreach
  • Fall Festival
    • CWC agreed to run a booth for the event on Friday 10/15- will be chicken of some kind
    • CWC will host our annual chicken dinner on Sunday 11/14
  • “Social Hour”
    • Planning to trial on third Sunday of the month after each mass- plan for cookies at 5:30 and 12:00 and donuts after 8:00 and 12:00—Laura to take care of donuts, Lawren to take care of cookies
    • Debbie to write an invite for the bulletin
  • Funeral Dinners:
    • Jen thanks the group for helping on such short notice
    • Jen will remain the “point person” for the time being
  • Christmas Dinner
    • All women of the parish to be invited
    • Plan for Wednesday 12/1 in the social hall
    • Will decorate after the November book club meeting
    • Still deciding who to have cater it- K of C vs local restaurant
  • Tour Group Luncheons
    • Third St Deli to provide the meal
    • Cost is $10 per person; the tour covers the cost- not us

Meeting adjourned until 10/6

Respectfully Submitted,
Laura Riley- substitute secretary