The meeting was called to order by the new president, Jennifer Tinkler.

Janet Schilling led with an opening prayer followed by the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.
Secretary’s report was presented by Jennifer. It was noted that the old business included in the
report did not happen due to COVID.

Treasurer’s report was given by Melanie Fouss. The beginning balance was $5,269.07, with
income totaling $3,267.59 (dues, tours, one funeral, men’s retreat, and rite of election), and
expenses of $3,686.12 (first reconciliation, RCIA, rite of election, altar rugs, tours, men’s retreat,
DCCW dues) leaving a balance of $4,850.54. The balance includes $600 (not shown on the report)
for donations that the CWC budgets for the needs of the church that the ladies decide to use as
needed or requested.

Sunshine report was not given as Carol Antill was not in attendance.

New Business:

  • Jennifer introduced the new officers.
    • Vice President, Laura Riley (was not in attendance)
    • Secretary, Penny Rose
    • Treasurer, Melanie Fouss
    • Sunshine, Carol Antill
  • Snacks – do we continue due to new regulations with COVID and if so which team next?
    Also, there were questions by those in attendance regarding why there was not a mass before the meeting. Jennifer will discuss this with Father Mike as there was interest in continuing.
    • Discussion centered on possibly doing wrapped snacks or discontinuing until things return to normal. The motion was made to discontinue and the motion passed.
    • This led to further discussion regarding teams. Are the lists up to date and are those ladies listed on individual teams willing to serve? Is the team concept still an acceptable means of getting the work done? Many conversations ensued and new ideas were brought forth to possibly increase interest in joining the CWC.
      • Some ideas included: monthly sign-ups for yearly events, announcements in the bulletin with contact information, group messages via text, church Facebook page, and members speaking at mass or being available at the door after masses.
  • Debbi Lazorik suggested the group try to cultivate a more diverse membership and offer things that women of all ages might enjoy. A book club was suggested as well as a speaker series on relevant topics. Need a catchy name for the series. Lazorik agreed to chair an organizational committee to possibly start a Catholic book club. Tinkler will speak with Monsignor Campbell before we move forward with any new initiatives.
    Janet, Cecilia, and Nancy volunteered to serve with Lazorik.
  • The target date for announcing the re-invigoration to reinvent ourselves as a group will be January 2021. One of the new members suggested CWC tee shirts as a marketing tool.
  • CWC dues. The current envelope included in parishioner’s packets for CWC dues does not list an amount. The group was unsure if there was a set fee for dues. All women of the parish are considered a member of CWC. It was discussed and agreed that the verbiage on the envelope should be changed to ”donation” rather than dues. Perhaps add a line as well stating that all women of the parish are members of the group. Tinkler will address this with Father Mike. It may be too late to have this changed for the 2021 year.
  • Possible fundraisers were the next item of discussion. With the Fall Festival being virtual, there will be no chicken dinner prepared by the CWC. Suggestions included the annual ham/chicken salad but after further conversation, the group elected not to do any food-related items due to COVID.
  • Jennifer has been reviewing the bylaws to ensure the CWC is abiding by the protocol established in the bylaws. After she finishes, she will provide bullet points as to what we should be doing and that we are abiding by our mission statement.
  • Jennifer will meet with Monsignor Campbell to discuss the possible changes and/or new suggestions prior to our next meeting on Wednesday, November 4, 2020.

Respectfully submitted,
Penny Rose
Catholic Women’s Club
October 26, 2020