The meeting was called to order by president, Jennifer Tinkler.

Monsignor Campbell led with an opening prayer followed by the reciting of the Pledge of

Secretary’s report was presented by Penny Rose with no changes noted.

Treasurer’s report was given by Melanie Fouss. No changes from the October 2020 meeting
with the exception of a $5 donation. Balance stands at $4,855.54.

New Business:

  • Jennifer reported that Monsignor liked the idea of a book club associated with the CWC. Therefore, Debbi Lazorik, who agreed to chair the committee asked for feedback from those present which included:
    • Be open to anyone interested and not limited to CWC.
    • Will roll out in January. Announce book in January for February meeting.
    • Hold on Wednesday evening (6:00 PM) the week prior to the monthly CWC meeting. That way attendees could be invited to return the next week for the meeting.
    • Host at the social hall to ensure social distancing until the pandemic is lifted.
    • For the first meeting, the committee will select the book. In future meetings, the facilitator leading discussion may select the book. Books should relate to the Catholic faith. It was also suggested that the CWC could vote on book selections.
    • Facilitator can choose format that they prefer whether it be question and answer, in a game format, etc.
    • Book club will be promoted and announced in church bulletin, Facebook page, text invite, and school newspaper. Other suggestions included the Steubenville Register and inviting St. Henry’s CWC. Debbi will work on message/text to use for promotion.
  • Special thanks to Monsignor for bringing mass back prior to CWC meeting.
  • Box of Joy Program. Program organizers looking for monetary donations. Group voted and all in favor to contribute $150 to Box of Joy.
  • By-laws donation versus dues. Jennifer checked by-laws for St. Mary and various parishes in Steubenville and dues were at the discretion of individual parishes. After some discussion, the group felt it should be up to the individual parishioner as to what they would like to contribute. The envelope will be changed to read “Donation for the Work of the CWC” and in small print “All Women of the Parish Welcome”. Jennifer will speak with the parish office to have verbiage changed on new envelopes for 2021. It was suggested that we have some envelopes available at the book club meetings.
  • Upcoming Events:
    • Reminder that the health ministry is taking Rada Cutlery orders until December Sunshine report was not given as Carol Antill was not in attendance.
      See Linda Caldwell for more information.
    • The CWC has been asked to decorate the social hall for the RCIA dinner by December14. It was decided that we would decorate at the December 2nd meeting. We will have mass, a quick meeting and then decorate the social hall. This will be included in the church bulletin.
    • Contact for web site updates for the Basilica is Lora Offenberger.
    • Ladies were asked to think about possible partnerships with other groups for events.
  • Jennifer read the mission statement. ”The Catholic Women’s Club ministry is to provide
    spiritual and social activities, to encourage participation in parish life, fundraising for the
    parish, and to render assistance to our priests as needed.”
    • Debbi Lazorik suggested that the CWC include their mission statement whenever
      possible. It serves no purpose if not used. We will encourage use and include in
      the bulletin, etc.
  • There is still interest in starting a speaker series but we will hold off until spring.
  • Cathy Rauch attended on behalf of St. Mary School and the principal, Elizabeth Tokodi. The school’s state funding has been cut by $5,000 and the school has added expenses due to COVID. There was no fall festival due to COVID but they are trying to supplement with fish fries, online auction, ordering dinners, and food trucks. Kathy asked if the CWC would be interested in helping the school.
    • Ideas were discussed but the group agreed on a sub sale for the Super Bowl. Celia has experience with streamlining an Italian sub sale and was agreeable to helping get this setup. The super bowl is Sunday, February 7 and orders would be taken in advance for pickup. More info at next meeting.

Meeting adjourned until December 2.

Respectfully submitted,
Penny Rose
Catholic Women’s Club
November 5, 2020