Basilica of St. Mary Assumption Catholic Women’s Club
Minutes of November 3, 2021 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by president, Jennifer Tinkler.

Secretary’s report given by Jen Tinkler with no corrections.

Treasurer’s report given by Melanie Fouss. Current balance is $5354.92.

Sunshine report given by Carol Antill. Working on an updated list of parishioners to send
cards to.

  • Book Club:
    • December book is “The Last Green Valley”
    • Next meeting is on 12/29
  • Outreach Ministry:
    • Wrapping up Box of Joy- we filled over 600 boxes!
  • SMS filled 180 boxes- we’re thanking them with cookies
    • Next year’s project will be to fundraise money for water wells through Cross Catholic Outreach- possible quilt raffle
  • Funeral Dinners:
    • Plan to addend current line item to take out specific amount ($300)
    • New line item to state “Funeral meals provided by St. Mary Basilica Catholic Women’s Club- donations accepted __
  • Motion to change line item made by Debbie Lazorik; seconded by Cecelia Cottrill
  • Christmas Dinner
    • At Davinci’s
    • Cecelia to work on date, time, ad for bulletin, etc

Meeting adjourned until 1/5/22 at 6

Respectfully Submitted,
Laura Riley- substitute secretary