Basilica of St. Mary Assumption Catholic Women’s Club
Minutes of May 5, 2021 Meeting

Meeting was called to order by president, Jennifer Tinkler.

Monsignor Campbell led with opening prayer during the 6 PM mass followed by the reciting of the Pledge of the Allegiance as the meeting began.

Secretary’s report was not provided as Ms. Rose was not present at last meeting. Jennifer took minutes
but they were not available for review.

Treasurer’s report was not available as Ms. Fouss was not at meeting. Balance is the same as last report,

Sunshine report

  • Cards continue to be sent out by Carol Antill. Let Carol or Jennifer know if you need a card sent.

Funeral dinners

  • K. Bauerbach and K. Huck both willing to help train new volunteers as they are not able to continue once the dinners are allowed to resume. Jennifer asked for a leader(s) to take on this task. Both ladies willing to meet on a Monday afternoon to provide pricing, shopping, items to purchase, what’s in the kitchen, etc. Could possibly rotate leaders if we could get three to volunteer. Please let Jennifer know if you are interested. CWC needs to be prepared as this could resume at any time.

Daily Bread Kitchen

  • Lunch is served once a month on Wednesdays and they are instituting a second meal on Sunday evening. It will begin on July 18, 4-6 PM, and will be held the third Sunday each month. Linda McMichael is looking for volunteers to help. It takes 10 workers. Dates and times will be listed on Facebook page, Daily Bread Kitchen. Please consider helping with this wonderful opportunity.

Facebook page

  • The St. Mary Basilica Catholic Women’s Club has been updated. It will list all events, meetings, etc. Work in process.

Book Club Update

  • Debbie Lazorik reported another successful meeting with a vibrant, lively discussion.
  • Nancy F. was the facilitator for the book “Peace Like a River”.
  • The next book is “St. Joseph the Silent”.


  • Outreach committee recommendations were presented.
  • Janet Steinel suggested we make additions to our outreach mission work. Some thoughts were:
    • Collecting glasses for the Lions’ Club
    • Soles for Souls – a local group that works with Cobbler John. Collected over 10,000 pairs of shoes this year.
    • Box of Joy – this mission is growing. The parish filled 500-plus boxes this past year.
    • Jennifer will discuss outreach committee possibilities with Father Mike.
  • Father Mike reported that the Diocese is working with Franciscan University on a national program with 5 parishes. They are meeting once a month but he has no knowledge yet of what the program will consist of. Still in the planning stages.
  • If you would like on the mailing list for CWC or the book club, let Jennifer or Debbie L. know.

Meeting adjourned. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 2, 2021.

Respectfully submitted,
Penny Rose
Catholic Women’s Club
May 18, 2021