Minutes of Basilica of St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Women’s Club Meeting March 9, 2022

  • The meeting was called to order by president, Jennifer Tinkler, followed by the reciting of the pledge of allegiance.
  • Secretary’s report was presented by Penny Rose with no corrections noted.
  • Treasurer, Melanie Fouss, reported a balance of $8,033.78 with approximately $2,805 earmarked for the purchase of a water well.
    • Fouss suggested a debit card be provided to Penny Rose for funeral dinner expenses. It was noted that the club had a Sam’s Club account so Fouss will check into this further.
    • Sue Lambert said stock is depleted for plastic table coverings. Fouss will check online for ordering options.
  • Book club update. The club continues to gain interest. The next book is “The Stranger in the Life Boat” to be discussed on March 30, 2022.
  • Outreach Committee – Janet Steinel
    • A flier on the quilt raffle will be placed in the bulletin for the next few weekends. The quilts will be on display on the banister next to the sacristy.
    • Group is waiting approval for a pancake breakfast from Father Mike. Tinkler is meeting with him next week. It was noted that the Kiwanis canceled their breakfast due to availability of food supplies. Committee will check to see if supplies are available before a date is confirmed.
  • Tinkler announced that a new oven has been installed in the social hall kitchen. Please thank Ken Morrison and David Haas for their help in moving and setting up the oven. Fouss will ask Carol Antill to send a thank you card.
    • The question was raised as to what happened to the $5,000 CD that was cashed in that was earmarked for kitchen appliances. Tinkler reported she is working on this and the CWC will be reimbursed for the oven.
  • Lenten Day of Spirituality – April 2. If interested in attending, please let Tinkler know. Reservations need to be sent in by March 28 and the cost is $25. Begins at 9 AM with mass followed by two sessions with lunch.
    • The CWC has been asked to provide lunch for 125 people. Tinkler will get more details and Lawren Minnick will order the food. They are requesting chicken salad sandwich, chips, cookie, and drink.
    • Janet Steinel, Judy McCoy and Barbara Ritchie will set up on Friday, April 1.
  • May Crowning, May 4. Do we want to do a meal? We have not done one since COVID. The K of C has prepared in the past and Tinkler asked the group to think about it and we will discuss at the next meeting. Father Jeremiah will talk with the K of C once Tinkler checks the calendar, etc.
  • Father Mike is requesting a dinner for 22-24 priests for the Chrism mass. He would like it catered by Theo’s in Cambridge. Tanya Booth is a good contact for more information regarding the Christmas dinner that Theo’s catered. Father was looking for something similar. There is also a reception that follows the mass in which all of the CWC groups in the diocese provide cookies. Tinkler will reach out to the diocese CWC president for more information. St. Mary CWC would set up the reception and provide the napkins, cups and drinks.
  • Minnick asked for help with the food committee. Reaching out for volunteers and picking up food can be challenging for someone who works full-time. She is going to prepare a newsletter to be inserted in the church bulletin asking for volunteers to sign up. The newsletter will outline what our group is doing and perhaps gain interest from other women in the parish.
    • Discussion centered on the needs of the parish in regard to catering. The group was in agreement to cater any priest function as well as the school festival. There are many requests coming in and we cannot accommodate all needs. All requests need to be approved by the CWC. If a request is received without sufficient time for approval, a motion was made by Minnick that late requests for monetary donations need approval from the CWC officers. The motion was seconded and passed that Tinkler will facilitate the vote with the officers.
  • The group agreed to donate $100 to Lora Offenberger for candy for the parish Easter egg hunt.
  • Father Jeremiah announced that he will be leaving our parish and relocating to Athens to head the Ohio University campus community.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 6, 2022.

Respectfully submitted,
Penny Rose
Basilica of St. Mary Assumption
March 17, 2022