Basilica of St. Mary Assumption Catholic Women’s Club
Minutes of March 3, 2021 Meeting

Meeting was called to order by the president, Jennifer Tinkler.

Monsignor Campbell led with the opening prayer during the 6 PM mass followed by the reciting of the
Pledge of the Allegiance as the meeting began.

Secretary’s report was presented by Penny Rose with no changes noted.

Treasurer’s report was presented by Melanie Fouss.

  • The balance as of 3/3/2021 is $1,633.69.
  • Income ($2,488) included January collection (formerly dues), gift not cashed, and the Superbowl sub sale.
  • Expenses ($1,633.69) were DCCW dues for 2021 of $25, the sub sale $508.69, and the profit from the sub sale of $1100 which was donated to St. Mary’s School.

Sunshine report

  • Cards continue to be sent out by Carol Antill.
  • The CWC president has received verbal acknowledgments from card recipients expressing gratitude for thinking of them.
  • If you know someone who is ill, shut in, or lost a loved one, please let Jen or Carol know so they can send a card.

Sub Sale

  • Jen expressed her gratitude to those who helped make the sub sale a success.
  • Positive feedback has been received and the group would like to make this an annual event each year during the Super Bowl.
  • There again was a brief discussion of other possible fundraisers, i.e. the ham/chicken/egg salad, but this was tabled.

Book Club Update

  • Debbie Lazorik reported the second meeting was again successful with 16 attending.
  • Positive feedback regarding the club has been received and people are feeling comfortable sharing during the discussion.
  • No March meeting due to Holy Week. The next BC meeting is on April 28. Book “Peace Like a River” by Leif Engar is the book.
  • If you would like to be added to the BC email list, please let Debbie know.

Spiritual Life Group & Other Group Suggestions

  • Thoughts were discussed at the February meeting. A small group is meeting with Cecelia to discuss ideas for spiritual growth.
  • Laura Riley provided a list to Jen of parish groups. Laura will take to the next council meeting to see what groups need assistance, confirm contact, and obtain permission to release contact info.
  • Where do we go from here regarding future groups? Karen Weisend still doing the sewing for baptismal garments.
  • Altar Flowers Mary Ann Grose currently looking for volunteers to help, especially during the holiday seasons with Easter and Christmas. It was noted that Steven Gill waters the church greenery. Mary Ann also heads up the group that cleans the church every other Thursday. Looking to engage others interested in serving. Should add this group to the list provided by the parish council.


  • Jen and others are looking at similar parishes’ websites to determine how to organize, i.e. drop-down boxes for parish ministries. The CWC page is in the process of being updated. There will be links to the minutes for each meeting. Jen will let us know when it is available. It will also list activities and contacts for the CWC group.
  • Debbie Murray will be presenting at the April CWC meeting on the “helping hands” program at the parish.
  • Once COVID restrictions are relaxed a bit, the CWC will get ramped back up.
  • A question was raised as to whether the CWC wanted to meet in the summer. Traditionally, they meet from September to May. The group felt there was a lot of work that needed to be done and were agreeable to meeting monthly throughout the year. They understood attendance may be lower in the summer but there is a need to reinvigorate the CWC.
  • Tour groups will hopefully be starting back up and funeral dinners. Jen will check with core groups responsible for funeral dinners so they can show others the process and train new members.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

Respectfully submitted,
Penny Rose
Catholic Women’s Club
March 21, 2021