Minutes of Basilica of St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Women’s Club Meeting July 6, 2022

  • The meeting was called to order by president, Jennifer Tinkler, followed by an opening prayer by Jaclyn Schwieterman and the reciting of the pledge of allegiance.
  • Secretary’s report was presented by Penny Rose with no corrections noted.
  • Tinkler presented the treasurer’s report. There is a balance of $8,171.57 with $4,169 earmarked for the purchase of a water well through the outreach mission.
  • Sunshine report. Carol Antill continues to send cards to parishioners. Please let her know if you have someone that you would like to send a greeting to.
  • Book club update. The club continues to gain interest and meets throughout the summer. The club requested an annual stipend to purchase books for the library that may be checked out.
    This eliminates cost concerns for some. A motion was made by Nancy Ruff to donate a maximum of $500 annually and was seconded by Jaclyn Schwieterman. Motion carried. The next book is “Life is Messy” by Matthew Kelly to be discussed on July 27, 2022.
  • Outreach Committee
    • $4,169 has been raised to date towards the $6,000 for the water well. A clothing drive through Plato’s Closet is planned for August to coincide with the start of school.
    • The Bread Garage, Chris and Tracey Pfeifer, are willing to work with the group for a fundraiser for September. Advance orders will be taken for cinnamon rolls and possibly other baked goods, for pickup after masses. More details to come.
    • The pancake breakfast will be tabled until sometime next year.
    • October 1 – November 1 is the Box of Joy. The group has committed to 650 boxes.
    • Stock of the grief books for the funeral homes has been depleted. A new support group is being started by the parish and additional books are needed. A motion was made by Debbie Lazorik for $300 to purchase 50 more books. Motion carried.
  • May Crowning went well. Approximately 50 people attended the dinner. Consider continuing next year.
  • Tinkler presented a community volunteer work opportunity for Marietta Main Street. Seeking help in weeding beds downtown prior to First Fridays. Dates are Tuesday, August 2 and Tuesday, September 6 at 5:30 PM, meet at the Armory. Suggestion was made that after water well project was finished, perhaps the CWC could work on a project for the local homeless.
  • Tinkler read a letter from the Steubenville deanery thanking the group for hosting the convention. Save the date for the next one which is scheduled for Wednesday, June 7, 2023.
  • Debbie Lazorik thanked Janet Steinel for preparing the CWC annual calendar of events. It was recommended that the vice president of the CWC be responsible for maintaining. Laura Riley will have oversight of the calendar. Tinkler will send the calendar out to the CWC group.
  • Parish Fall festival. Tinkler has not heard anything yet. Last year they had an online auction so perhaps they are doing that again this year. More information will be brought to the group when received.
  • The question was raised as to the results of the Synod. No feedback or summary has been presented to the parish to date. Jim Humphrey is the parish contact for this project.
  • Other fundraisers were discussed.
    • Ham/chicken/cheese salads possibly do in the spring and coordinate with a holiday like Memorial Day.
    • Sub sale. Tinkler will check with McKenna’s to see if they would be interested in working with us.
    • Raffle tickets. Get donations from local vendors maybe closer to Christmas
  • It was suggested that the group personally invite the new Director of Religious Education to our meetings. She has good idea for speakers, etc. Could also plan one day pilgrimages in 2023.

Meeting was adjourned. Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 3, 2022.

Respectfully submitted,
Penny Rose
August 1, 2022