Minutes of Basilica of St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Women’s Club Meeting April 7, 2022

  • The meeting was called to order by president, Jennifer Tinkler, followed by an opening devotion by Penny Rose and the reciting of the pledge of allegiance.
  • Secretary’s report was presented by Penny Rose with no corrections noted.
  • Treasurer, Melanie Fouss, reported a balance of $7,465.25 with approximately $2,805 earmarked for the purchase of a water well through the outreach mission.
  • Sunshine report. Carol Antill has been sending out numerous cards to shut-ins, grieving families, Valentine’s Day and Easter. Please let her know if you have someone that you would like her to send a greeting to.
  • Book club update. The club continues to gain interest and will meet throughout the summer. They have a list of books that the group votes on for their monthly selection. The next book is “My Cousin the Saint; A Search for Family, Faith and Miracles” to be discussed on April 27, 2022.
  • Outreach Committee – Janet Steinel
    • Quilt raffle. They have collected $650 to date. A flier was given to St. Mary School students so she is hopeful there will be more monies collected.
    • Approval has been given for a pancake breakfast following masses. No date has been confirmed. May do later in the summer or early fall.
  • The CWC will host a reception for Father Jeremiah on May 29th after the noon mass. Light refreshments will be served.
  • The priest dinner before the Chrism mass is scheduled for Tuesday, April 12. Twenty dozen cookies are also needed for the reception immediately following mass. Please let Tinkler know if you can provide cookies and/or help with the dinner.
  • May Crowning, May 4. After much discussion the group decided to provide a light meal free to all who attend after the May 4th mass. Melanie Fouss will work with the caterer regarding the food, and Debbie Lazorik will get a flier and sign-up sheet in the bulletin and church. We will also need to find someone to carry the crown and two young girls to carry the flower baskets.
  • It was suggested that we come up with a calendar that listed all of the events in which the CWC is involved in and what the expectations were as far as food, etc. Janet Steinel agreed to prepare a draft and Jennifer will share with Father Mike for any additional requests that he may be aware of. This will allow the group to prepare ahead of time rather than last minute.
  • Debbie Lazorik shared a pamphlet she had picked up from another parish regarding the ministries they offered. She suggested our parish do something similar. This was tabled until the next meeting when Laura Riley would be in attendance. Laura is on parish council and would have a better understanding of what our parish already offered.

The next official meeting is June 1st as May 4th is mass and May Crowning so there is no meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Penny Rose
Basilica of St. Mary Assumption
April 24, 2022