This summer, the Basilica will be hosting Totus Tuus from June 12-18.

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Totus Tuus is a summer catechetical program that consists of an evening teen program for grades 7-12 that runs Monday-Thursday from 7-9 PM and a day program for grades 1-6 that runs Monday- Friday.

Two Totus Tuus teams from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati will be coming and putting on this program for us, but we will still need volunteers for this program to be successful!
Volunteers needed for the day program:

  • Volunteers to help chaperone groups during sessions
  • Volunteers for an ages 3-5 program. Totus Tuus does not offer a program for ages 3-5, so we will need to put on our own program for this age group
  • Snack/Lunch staff

Volunteers needed for the evening program:

  • Volunteers to help chaperone during sessions

Other volunteers needed:

  • 4 host families to host team members. Host families will be hosting 2 men or 2 women teammates all week. •
  • Volunteers to provide lunches and dinners for the Totus Tuus team. Dinners can be hosted in your home, held at a restaurant, or dropped off at the Basilica. Lunches will need to be dropped off to the school throughout the week.

For more information or if you can help fill any of these positions, please contact Cecelia Cottrill at

To learn more about this program, please check out the link below!