Today’s Gospel describes a ROYAL WEDDING in which those who were privileged to be invited “ignored” the invitation, or didn’t bother to reply and went about their own concerns. The king became enraged by the arrogance of the guests, punished them, and extended the invitation to others who would welcomeRead More →

On Friday of this week, the Jewish community is celebrating Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year – 5781). Rosh Hashanah is a celebration of forgiveness and new beginning. One of the beautiful traditions on this celebration of Rosh Hashanah is the dipping of apples into honey and then offering theRead More →

On Friday of this coming week, we will remember the tragic events of September 11th nineteen years ago, – that tragic day when our nation was brutally attacked by ruthless terrorists. We recall that day when thousands of innocent people died in New York city, Washington, DC and a fieldRead More →

Today, in the Gospel, we learn of a Canaanite woman – whose religious heritage was very different from that of the Jews – but she too had faith in Jesus. She came to Jesus begging Him to heal her daughter who was “severely possessed by a demon.” As Jesus passedRead More →

As the reading from the Book of Kings opens in today’s Mass, the prophet Elijah had just proved God’s power and majesty over 450 false prophets of the pagan god Baal.  Queen Jezebel was humiliated and embarrassed and reacted with great anger against Elijah; so he fled to Mount HorebRead More →

As the Gospel opens today, Jesus has just learned that John the Baptist has died. Jesus and Apostles decided to take a few days by themselves, so they got into a boat and headed away from the crowds for the other side of the lake – but they did notRead More →

The parable in today’s Gospel is about a farmer who sowed good seed into his field. In the darkness of night, an enemy sowed “weeds among the wheat.” (Sowing weeds was a favorite method of revenge. – Darnel is a poisonous weed that in its first stage of growth resemblesRead More →

In 1938 when the Nazis took over Austria, a young Catholic policeman – feared that he would loose his job; so to save his job and get security for himself, he decided to claim that he had been a secret Nazi for years. Forty years later he said: “I wasRead More →

There was a time when the best compliment you could pay to someone was to call him or her a very gentle person.  Today, however, violence is more popular then gentleness. Television, the movies, the communication media, in general, has given violence a top rating because violence is what peopleRead More →

Many people in our nation claim to believe in God. Many would classify themselves as Christians. Before the virus, attendance at weekly church worship is better in America than in many other countries of the world. Yet our religious values do not seem to affect the life of our society.Read More →